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She Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Prisons

Published on June 28, 2007

Angela Davis In New Zealand this week, Maori activists presented ex-Black Panther and current University of California History of Consciousness professor Angela Davis with a copy of a book chronicling their 35-year history, which credits the Black Panthers with inspiring them. According to the Auckland City Harbour News, “The 63-year-old [Davis] was a crusader for [...]

Auel’s Grandson Pleads No Contest to Assault Charge

Published on June 20, 2007

Skylar Auel Skylar Auel, the 19-year-old grandson of Jean M. Auel — author of the “Earth’s Children” series of bestsellers set in prehistoric times, including The Clan of the Cave Bear and The Mammoth Hunters — pleaded no contest today to a charge of sexual assault in Clackamas County, Oregon. “According to court documents, both [...]

OJ Book to be Finally Published — with More Accurate Title

Published on June 15, 2007

This just in: Victim’s dad gets rights to O.J. Simpson’s book “MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — A Miami bankruptcy judge on Friday gave the father of Ron Goldman the rights to a book by O.J. Simpson that speaks in hypothetical terms about the 1994 murders of Goldman and Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole. The book, which the former [...]

From Russia With Love

Published on June 14, 2007

t.A.T.u. Russia’s most successful recording act ever, t.A.T.u., comprises two young Muscovites, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, who were selected at ages 15 and 14, respectively, after massive auditions in 1999 by a producer who thought he could become rich by creating and marketing a teen-girl duo. He was correct. The pair’s astounding success was [...]

Just in Time for Father’s Day

Published on June 8, 2007

A shipment of books bound for the pointedly named Montreal bookshop Priape was seized by the Canada Border Services Agency which declared them obscene, according to The books included two volumes of Dads & Boys by British artist Josman. In this explicit tale of a hot youth who “seduces” (that’s the word the artist [...]