She Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Prisons

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 10:00 pm, Thursday, June 28, 2007

Angela Davis

In New Zealand this week, Maori activists presented ex-Black Panther and current University of California History of Consciousness professor Angela Davis with a copy of a book chronicling their 35-year history, which credits the Black Panthers with inspiring them. According to the Auckland City Harbour News, “The 63-year-old [Davis] was a crusader for social reform for African Americans” and “took time out of her hectic schedule to meet founding members of Auckland’s Polynesian Panthers. The group was formed in Ponsonby in the 1970s by New Zealand-born Polynesians…. About 10 Polynesian Panthers met at Auckland University’s Fale Pasifika on Monday” to give the book to Davis, who ran for US Vice President on the Communist Party ticket in 1980 and 1984. “‘She was an inspiration,’ founding Polynesian Panther and university Pacific studies director Melani Anae says. ‘She stood up for women and ethnic minorities.’ … [Anae] describes herself as a ‘good church girl’ before joining and says the group was needed to fight injustices against Maori and Polynesians in Auckland.”

The hagiographizing of the Black Panthers continues apace, with a flood of recent books including Bobby Seale’s Seize the Time and Kathleen Cleaver’s Liberation, Imagination and the Black Panther Party, plus a new opera extolling what its creator calls “the pathos” of their saga, which is “heartrending. And best presented by an orchestra.” Who indeed could forget the pathos of Soul on Ice? In that 1968 classic, Panther Eldridge Cleaver described his rape of white women as “an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law … defiling his women.”

Davis’s ten books include Women, Race, and Class and Women, Culture, and Politics and Are Prisons Obsolete? Along with standing up for women and ethnic minorities, Davis also co-founded of the group Critical Resistance, whose aim is the total eradication of prisons. That should make her quite the warmhearted hero to all rape, armed robbery and murder victims, past and future.

7 Responses to “She Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Prisons

  1. Mr. Tarjous Says:

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    Angela Davis sure is a remarkable person in history of political movements. That is a great link to the Rape and Society book. I never had found the google archives on books. There was a neat order this book links at the right where I can order the book presented in the review. The web sure is a nice place to find books and good resources on book reviews. And all we want to educate ourselves is reading good books and web pages. Before the internet I hardly never read any books but these online reviews and news and the easy ordering has really changed my reading habbits. Nowdays I surf a little too much and find good sites and blogs to read that distracts me from reading hardcopy books.

  2. Scoville Scale Says:

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    I just stumbled upon this blog and came upon this article. I had wondered what ever happened to Angela Davis. I don’t agree with her at all politically, though…

  3. Maria Gudelis Says:

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    Very inspiring work by Angela Davis. I have never heard about her. But, if she goes for President of United States recently, I’m sure she will definitely win the race. In my heart, she is a hero and I salute her for her contribution to women and minorities.

  4. Donny Says:

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    She is a great lady with such an achievement. I believe she should be a role model for lots of women out there.Thumbs up for her enthusiasm.

  5. Carl Says:

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    I really don’t agree with her views at all. I believe in freedom of speech and will fight to protect that that, however her actions were horrible.
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  6. John Klaich Says:

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    Wow Angela Davis, she is indeed inspiring. And as for Black Panthers, we have to understand that extreme conditions sometime require extreme measures. Well, back in history when we had no rule of law, revenge was only thing people had.

  7. Jeremy Says:

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    My opinion is that prisons shouldn’t be forsaken until we come up with a 100% better solution, and if anyone has a better idea – I would really like to hear it.

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