OJ Book to be Finally Published — with More Accurate Title

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 1:09 pm, Friday, June 15, 2007

This just in:

Victim’s dad gets rights to O.J. Simpson’s book

“MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — A Miami bankruptcy judge on Friday gave the father of Ron Goldman the rights to a book by O.J. Simpson that speaks in hypothetical terms about the 1994 murders of Goldman and Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole.

The book, which the former football star titled ‘If I Did It,’ may hit stores soon — but under a new title: ‘Confessions of a Double Murderer,’ according to the attorney for Fred Goldman, Ron Goldman’s father.

Could this be the start of a trend? Could the subjects of upcoming books sue to get rights to manuscripts and entirely “reframe the debate” with a new title?

What about reissues?

Will the estate of Ol’ Blue Eyes acquire the rights to His Way: An Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra and reissue the exact same manuscript under the new title Kitty Kelley is a Big Fat Poopy Pants?

Will a disgruntled former JT LeRoy fan sue Bloomsbury claiming fraud, gain the rights to The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, and reissue it as I Hate You JT! You’re Nothing but a Chick With Big Glasses and a Lot of Chutzpah! ?

6 Responses to “OJ Book to be Finally Published — with More Accurate Title”

  1. Martin Freigger Says:

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    New O.J. Book- Author Kills O.J. – Martin S. Freigger is pleased to announce the September 2007 release of his new book “To Kill an Orenthal” – The Life and Deaths of the Infamous Orenthal James. For more information and to watch the promotional video’s- Google iKilledOJ – or visit http://www.ikilledoj.com

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    “This book deserves certain praise!”
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  2. Chris Says:

    Visit Chris

    Very funny post and a very strange idea.

  3. Writer, Rejected Says:

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    I laughed outloud at your JT Leroy comment. I think there is another trend by writers so frustrated that they just plain make stuff up…like, um, authors who are child-prostitutes, etc. check out the post on my blog(Literary Rejections on Display), which address the subject.http://literaryrejectionsondisplay.blogspot.com/2007/06/julia-serebrinsky-needs-hook.html

    I have to admit that the whole O.J. thing just freaks me out no end. How is “If I did it” worse than “confessions of a double murderer?” I don’t get it. Can you explain.

  4. Gino Van de Walle Says:

    Visit Gino Van de Walle

    Today he went all the way down from hero to zero to sixteen years.

  5. Hackensack Says:

    Visit Hackensack

    And now Mr. Simpson face life in prison. I suppose there is such a thing as fate and karma after all.

  6. Patty Cravitz Says:

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    Yeah. His past finally caught up with him. After almost several years that person finally had justice dispensed to him. I’m curious to know what the book says though on the other hand, if I buy it it’ll only help him.

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