Just in Time for Father’s Day

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 12:20 pm, Friday, June 8, 2007

A shipment of books bound for the pointedly named Montreal bookshop Priape was seized by the Canada Border Services Agency which declared them obscene, according to xtra.ca.

The books included two volumes of Dads & Boys by British artist Josman. In this explicit tale of a hot youth who “seduces” (that’s the word the artist prefers) his hot father, 35-year-old Jack regards 18-year-old Justin with awe: “My son was telling me he too was gay, and to complicate things even more, he was also flaunting his incredible ERECT MANHOOD at me…. In no time I became ROCK HARD behind my towel…. I just stood there admiring the size and beauty of my boys penis. I was filled with pride — and LUST! … A father is not supposed to do things like this with his own son! … I guess it would be a real shame to let these big ol’ BONERS go to waste, huh? … As a proud father, I felt it was my duty and pleasure to give my own son the best blow job he ever had…. If only his mother could see us now. The poor bitch would have a heart attack!” After a golden-showers session, Justin suggests: “Dad … sit on my face while I eat your delicious butt. Mmm, yummy!” In this interview, Josman muses: “Well, I’m fascinated and turned on by incest. I realise that some people may be disgusted…. Alas, I haven’t experienced twins, brothers or father/sons yet, but I live in hope.”

According to xtra.ca, the books “were determined to be obscene” based on certain factors specified by CBSA spokesperson Chris Williams: “The indicators ranged from depictions of incest to sex with pain and sexual mutilation, defecation and vomiting,” Williams explained. Priape purchaser Denis Leblanc “didn’t know the storylines of the books when the store ordered them,” xtra.ca continues. “CBSA says that if a shipment arrives at a border that arouses a border agent’s suspicion … the agent inspects it and checks any titles against a database of previously examined materials…. If the agent finds anything that might be obscene, it is sent to Prohibited Importations Unit (PIU) in Ottawa, where CBSA says specially trained agents examine the material more closely and make a decision.”

In other news, an author who is also a Washington State University professor sued by a student alleging sexual harassment has resigned his post. “Bernardo Gallegos, a professor of multicultural education … is accused of making advances toward a married graduate student in his home in February 2005,” according to the Seattle Times. “In exchange for his resignation, he will be paid more than $87,000 to buy out his tenure, though he will lose some benefits. His salary was more than $132,000 a year.” Heyyyy, even accused criminals hafta eat. Gallegos is the editor of Performance Theories in Education: Power, Pedagogy, and the Politics of Identity and author of two forthcoming books: Indigenous Narratives, Postcolonial Performances, and the Politics of Identity in Education and An Indian, But a Peon: Criados, Genizaros, and Coyotes in New Mexico.

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  1. Corey Mitchell Says:

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    Hey Dibs!

    Thanks for the mention about In Cold Blog. We survived our first week intact and look forward to having more people stop on by for their serious true crime fix.

    Take care,

    Corey Mitchell
    Executive Editor
    In Cold Blog

  2. Imani Says:

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    Oh come on, like the border guards weren’t laughing when they read the line about the glorious BONER and how Daddy couldn’t let it go to waste? The same sort of thing is on the internet for free every day so I’m not sure what’s the point of stopping some poorly drawn comic books at the border….

  3. Daniel Says:

    Visit Daniel

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding s Day, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

  4. Jon Says:

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    In my opinion it is the provocative book. Though the world has already changed.

  5. CGC Comics Online Says:

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    Thanks for the mention about In Cold Blog. We survived our first week intact and look forward to having more people stop on by for their serious true crime fix.

  6. Matt Wutzke from Ejaculation Trainer Says:

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    I can’t believe that they can just go out and call something like this illegal. I mean, sure, they shouldn’t sell it to kids, but if they put it in an adult sections of the bookstore (and clearly mark it for what it is) then everything should be OK.
    I mean, common, I’m sure they have pornography in Canada and even though I think that this comic book is in poor taste they have no right to completely disallow it.

  7. Best Male Enhancement review Says:

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    Very interesting. Is it illegal to publish a book with sexual stories. So many worser things are been sold in Canada. Why do they have to stop this. I’m very disappointed. Why are they against GAY people?

  8. StrokeKing Says:

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    Yet another example of how setting ‘community standards’ for determining obscenity is a violation of freedom.

    Understandably most of the material that they list the books contain is unacceptable to me – but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that people should be allowed to possess it.

    The status quo often forgets this.

  9. extenze Says:

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    In this modern era, how rude is this. I am wondering why we have such restrictions and stupid laws. In no time, we have instant access to internet and such material so how it can be restricted.

  10. Dating Resources Tips Says:

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    is this. I am wondering why we have such restrictions and stupid laws. In no

  11. automotives Says:

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    this. I am wondering why we have such restrictions and stupid laws. In no

  12. Roxy the Killer Says:

    Visit Roxy the Killer

    This book is a fantasy, and isn’t any more or less offensive than “bodice ripper” romance books, and their “ravish me!” themes… or the rape fantasies featured in Japanese manga (these mangas are sold on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, and available at your local library.)

    Comic books are not the real world. Neither are fiction books, manga, or the back of a cereal box. “Fathers and Sons” is adult literature which contains fantasies, not real-life scenarios. By their nature, fantasies are usually dark, provocative, and taboo. Censoring these fantasies does not get rid of them, and only contributes to sex-shaming, guilt, secrecy, and unhealthy outlets for sexual confusion.

    Aside from the obvious “freedom of speech” issue, “Daddy fantasies” have nothing to do with real-life incest, a crime that destroys families by taking advantage of a child’s trust. “Daddy fantasies” are based on a completely opposite psychological yearning— the desire for a reliable father figure. That is, a responsible older man who will “take care of you,” and all your needs (sexual, romantic, financial, etc.) Plenty of straight romances have this theme: younger girl, older man, seduction and passion at the hands of a rich and experienced lover. Daddy issues galore!

    That comic book contained an explicit, envelope-pushing gay version of the fantasy. Sure, it is crudely phrased and socially unacceptable, but most erotica is. Seizing this particular work is nothing short of ignorant, discriminatory and useless censorship.

  13. gail Says:

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    I agree with you jon..i guess it is the provocative book..

  14. x4 extender Says:

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    I bet my dad will enjoy this. He likes to read provocative stuffs like this.www.gregsblog.com

  15. צפייה ישירה Says:

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    thank you gay guy….

  16. kettlebell workout Says:

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    I have to say I do find this kind of material pretty offensive.

  17. Dave Says:

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    @StrokeKing: It wouldn’t be my choice of reading material either, but I can’t see how it is any worse than some of the stuff available in my local newsagent.

  18. Debbie Says:

    Visit Debbie

    According to my opinion it is a total provocative book. However, I am not completely agree with you.

  19. Kate Lifecell Reviews Says:

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    With all of the other pornography out
    there it is weird to see it seized. Guess
    “freedom of speech” doesn’t always take over when
    it come to some adult literature
    and not others.


  20. Dave Says:

    Visit Dave

    This would not be my choice of reading material, but I can’t see how it’s any more provocative than the stuff available at my local newsagent.

  21. Jake Thomas Says:

    Visit Jake Thomas

    all though it does not interest me I certainly do not believe that the Canadian authorities should be the judge of what is and is not obscene

  22. Richard Vanderhoek Says:

    Visit Richard Vanderhoek

    Government bodies must tread carefully when deciding to ban literature. Where does it stop? Who decides?

    That said, if it is child porn (18 year old son is approaching child porn), then that is a line to be drawn. Any literature about child porn is not good because it encourages the behavior and there are real victims of it. I know banning literature won’t end child porn, but that’s not a reason to permit it.

    It’s (banning literature) a fine line and one that is very difficult to navigate at times.

  23. christmas present Says:

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    Hi, I suppose some people see things going a little beyond the realms of good taste. It takes all sorts to produce the society we have. And sometimes people’s tastes, faiths, moral upbringing, can set a standard or preceived standard that most of us will never live up to. Not sure I’d want to read the book myself, and could possibly be a bit confused if Dave my oldest son had its as bedtime reading. But I sure as hell would not stop someone else wanting to have a good read.

  24. Torie Bullshit Says:

    Visit Torie Bullshit

    And “Tory Canadians” point fingers/make fun of communist china,this is actually a witch hunt in the direction of homosexuals or anything pertaining to same gender or sex,it never surprises me how straight people are looking to find new ways to condemn or belittle the gay community especially,if gays are not doing it themselves through hate,there is many,many many sites pertaining to “straight incest” and “rape” with young girls who again portray themselves as much younger(childish),whether they are in “comics” or “real life”,this act of “Tory propaganda” covering Canada is basically to bring attention and accusations to homosexuals as paedophiles or put doubt in the minds of heterosexuals/straights

    this book “DOES NOT” have children but does have legal aged teenagers.

    Its amazing how straight men can have sex with teenage females or female children(i.e muslim men in the middle east marrying/have sex with 9 yrs old girls)goes unnoticed or is basically ignored,have you noticed lately how the media in Canada or Ameri-canada do not report or report very little crimes against men, abusing teenage girls or female children,why is that,because they only want you to believe men molest or rape male children or male teenagers,believe me the tories have an axe to grind with the gay community in Canada for winning a vote for “same gender marriage”

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