If Your Life Depended on It, Could You Tell Me Three Things About Corsica?

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 9:59 am, Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Corsica is one of those places whose name your average non-European might know … or not. And even those of us who know its name — how many of us could find it on a map? (Hint: It’s an island west of Rome, southeast of Cannes. But I had to Google it just now to confirm this, embarrassingly enough.) And how many of us could rattle off even one fact about Corsican history, geography, culture, language, cuisine? We might — juuuust might — remember that Corsica has something to do with Napoleon Bonaparte.

Should we be ashamed of ourselves or what?! Corsica has forests! Gorgeous beaches! Soaring rock formations! Dazzling waterfalls! Prehistoric menhirs! Romanesque chapels! A glorious sunshiny Mediterranean climate — which manifests in such marvels as myrtles, figs, cherries, chestnuts and clementines … which are made into jams, jellies, chutneys and nougat, sweetened with delicate mountain honey.

sml nougat

How many other places in the world do we know nearly nothing about?

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  1. Leo Bertozzi Says:

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    Cotsica was called by ancient Greeks Kallíste (Καλλίστη), which means the most beautiful—-

  2. Leo Bertozzi Says:

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    Brocciu, the traditional cheese
    la Castagnaccia, the Eastern mountain region with chestnuts
    Porto, but not the one in Portugal, with the genoese towers.

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