Announcing the Re-Launch of Dibs!

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 4:21 pm, Wednesday, April 17, 2013

dibs_launchWelcome (back) to the newly remodeled Dibs, which starting today is devoted to scoping out local-isms — whether they’re sources of pride or shameful secrets or somewhere in between.

We once went to Belgium thinking we knew about Belgium. Waffles. The Ardennes. Tintin. Then our new one-eyed Belgian friend invited us home and treated us to blood sausage she had cured in her backyard shed and raspberry beer her uncle brewed in his bathtub and sold only to friends.

Her sausage recipe, she insisted, was a local specialty, but (to be frank) tasted to us like big scabs. Yet drinking her uncle’s raspberry beer was like leaping through fruity meadows under a swirling sky in which every star had a smiley face. Suddenly we understood Belgium.

Finding out what’s local, anywhere, is a form of initiation. You learn something, try something, hear something, see something that helps you figure out why people do what they do where they do it. You’re still an outsider. But a little less of one.

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