Boris Yeltsin Library Opens in Russia

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 10:59 am, Friday, May 29, 2009

borisyeltsinBoris Yeltsin was an impassioned reader, and the new Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library opened in St. Petersburg on Wednesday.

“The idea of a library unifying the country’s information and archival resources was first suggested in 2007. The then-president Vladimir Putin signed a decree to found such a library. He also proposed naming it after the first Russian president, Boris Yeltsin,” we read in the St. Petersburg Times.

“The library is set to act as a central connecting point for all of the country’s libraries. Its electronic archives will receive materials from the Russian State Historical Archive and from Russia’s leading national libraries. It will mainly contain materials on the history of the Russian state. Texts, audio files and pictures are included in the database.”

Also in the library is “a unique collection of books and magazines connected to Russia. The collection, consisting of more than 2,000 books, belonged to a Swiss family who amassed it over three generations, with the oldest book in the collection dating back to 1551. The collection was set to be auctioned off, but was then offered for full sale to Russia.

“Boris Yeltsin’s widow Naina Yeltsina, who was also present at the ceremony, said ‘Russia has always prided itself on being a nation of readers. Although life is changing now, and today every family has a TV set, we need to keep books in our life because they are one of mankind’s most priceless inventions.’

“Yeltsina said that her husband loved reading, especially in his student years. Later in life, his political activities did not leave him much time for reading but when a new book appeared in the house Yeltsin used to always say that he would read it when he retired, she said.

“’And it really happened that way…. In his last years reading was his main occupation. Our daughters barely managed to read new books because he got through them so quickly! The opening of the library is a priceless gift for all book-lovers and a fitting tribute to Boris.”

19 Responses to “Boris Yeltsin Library Opens in Russia”

  1. Photo Says:

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    Mmmm) Nostalgy)))

  2. Trackbackspeed Says:

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    Im tempted to say what a load of crap! just for the sake of irony, but Ill refrain

  3. Piterets Says:

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    In fact, this library has many interesting documents!

  4. Rave Says:

    Visit Rave

    It is a pity.. Has died ((

  5. Orgindex Says:

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    Vladimir Putin the best variant of the president for Russia. Soon elections and I will necessarily vote for it. Whatever spoke, but Putin one of the most influential figures in the world.
    Good luck.

  6. Moscow hotels Says:

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    Eltsyn is a contradictory figure. From one point he gave democracy. From another destroyed Soviet union, developed corruption and did utterly nothing for the economy. The same time his family can live happily with millions he has stolen.

  7. Moscow Says:

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    Eltsyn is not a popular figure at all in Russia and people assosiate him mainly with negative movement.

  8. Science Peter Says:

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    Eltsyn is ok.

  9. Igor Says:

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    Eltsyn is responsible for death socialism. Bravo!

  10. Beata Nowicka Says:

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    I do not feel any nostalgia, but have to say that Boris was a great man. I am sure you’ll agree with me. Greetings from London.

  11. perra-st Says:

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    Yaeh it was my President.

  12. David miller Says:

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    How sweet! I live over the border in Finland – not sure I’d rush to get a library card though! Boris was an amazing guy.

  13. Janet at London Hostels Says:

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    Mr Yeltsin was the first to transform Russia’s socialist system into a free market economy, I hope his library proves useful to citizens.

    Regards, Janet

  14. Jeff Sayer Says:

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    When I go to Russia (and I eventually will) I want to go there and see what he and Reagan were really up to…

    Jeff Sayer
    Designer: Hoist Structures

  15. Exercise Love Says:

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    Boris was the man that vaulted Russia forward into the new world. Greatly missed.

  16. Tom Says:

    Visit Tom

    Nostalgia might be a little too strong to use here, but you can conclude that Boris indeed was a great personality.

  17. Anna Says:

    Visit Anna

    Definitely something I’ll have to check out when I visit St. Petersburg. I know it sounds a bit nerdy, but I love the Russian children’s stories that I was exposed to as a kid. New libraries are always a good thing.

  18. alanhawk Says:

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    Eltsyn is not a popular figure at all in Russia and people assosiate him mainly with negative movement. essay

  19. Tyesha Cabatu Says:

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    Boris Yeltsin is one of the greatest man in RU.

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