50 Cent, Author and Non-Arsonist

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 10:26 am, Monday, May 4, 2009

50cent27So it’s happy news all around for 50 Cent. According to Chartattack, the rap star formerly known as Curtis Jackson will have two books out this year. After much delay, Before I Self Destruct is set to arrive at music retail outlets in June. And a full two years after its planned publication date, The 50th Law is set for a September 9 release. Meanwhile, the star has just been cleared of wrongdoing in the 2008 fire that destroyed his $2.4 million Long Island mansion — which was then inhabited by his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins and her two sons, one of whom is 50 Cent’s child, Marquise. The occupants were not in the house at the time, but 50 Cent  had been trying to evict Tompkins for not paying rent. The exes accused each other of setting the fire; the star has been cleared and the investigation is ongoing.

18 Responses to “50 Cent, Author and Non-Arsonist”

  1. hagar Says:

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    I LIVE 50 CENT SO MACH!!!!!!!!!

  2. hagar Says:

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    He is soo nice!!

  3. Photo Says:

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    Yeaah) He is cool) But i’m to much better=DD

  4. Body~Detox Diet Says:

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    50 Cent is the greatest gangsta rapper of all times. I love his song specially Candyshop.

  5. niome Says:

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    i love and live on 50 cents music im his biggest fan im 12 years old and my sister kira is his fan to she is 20 years old 50 cent I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!1

  6. maggi Says:

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    i love 50 cent,he is sexy.

  7. Flats for Rent in Essex Says:

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    Party like it’s your birthday!

  8. clemente @ with your ex Says:

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    Thanks for the interesting post. I also love everything 50 cent does he is just the greatest. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  9. Julia Says:

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    50 cents is just amazing, I love his songs. You are just too good man.

  10. Darc Says:

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    He is SEXY!

  11. Darc Says:

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    SEXY ASS! :0)

  12. Your Mother Says:

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  13. Bobman Says:

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    Man I like his tunes but wtf about that video game? Worst game EVER. I still play it to laugh.

  14. Photoshop Tutorials Says:

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    What’s sexy about him? He is covered in tatoos has a ring in his nose and looks like he has a bad attitude.
    If thats the kind of man you want in your life, good luck. You’re not going to have a happy life.

  15. Emerald Mejia Says:

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    50 Cent is indeed an artist. He can sing, dance and even write. I first heard of him when his song “In Da Club” was released. And from that day, I know he will be a popular artist.

  16. watch new york yankees online Says:

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    what? he has a book? I had no idea. love his music, now I’m off to amazon to get the book….

  17. Casey Miller Says:

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    I need a good review about his book. please?

  18. Casey Miller Says:

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    Does anybody own his book, “Before I Self Destruct”? I am quite interested about it and I’m finding reviews about the book. I’m not much into 50 cent, but a friend told me that his book was great. I wanted to be sure. I know this post has been years past, but I still hope someone’s out there to give me a good review. If anybody has something to say please do reply to this comment, or send me a quick message at my site. Thanks!

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