(Plume, $13; release date May 30, 2006)

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 6:53 am, Thursday, May 25, 2006

To truly “get” this book, it helps to be a poker lover. Or, failing that, to have played a fair amount of poker. Or, failing that, to at least have played some sort of card game, sometime, and to know the rules — because this account by a journalist and all-around regular guy of his decision to go for the high-stakes international gold, the Olympics of poker, does have its share of passages that detail specific games, specific gambits, specific things that specific players do. These poker-specific passages are no doubt rip-roaringly funny to anyone who knows anything about cards, because the other parts of the book — the introspective parts and the parts in which Walsh observes the vagaries of human nature — thrum with such bright authenticity that you know the actual card parts’ve gotta be great too, even if you don’t understand the difference between a “wired pair” and a “walker” and, for that matter, a royal flush. It’s a perfect birthday gift or Father’s Day gift for that loved one who’s always shuffling a deck and stacking up the chips. That’s what those flat things are called, right? Chips?

Grade: B

4 Responses to “HOW TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER (OR NOT), by Pat Walsh
(Plume, $13; release date May 30, 2006)

  1. Dean Says:

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    You need to be a poker fan for this book and if you are, you will be in for a very enjoyable read and a welcome break from all the technical books on the game. Highly recommended!

  2. Pokeriot Says:

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    I agree, it’s good.

  3. Unibet Says:

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    I want to win the WOSP but i think i’d better play and train than read a book that every poker’s player have been read before me… ;-) I’m joking, i will buy it by curiosity… Thx for this interesting post. If you want to challenge me let’s play on Unibet

  4. Rose Says:

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    The quality of the info is what keeps me on this site, thanks!

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