British Historian Spends Personal Fortune Retelling Normandy Invasions From Nazi Army’s Point of View

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 8:32 am, Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Young British historian Richard Hargreaves has spent £40,000 (around $80,000 US) and fifteen years researching and writing a book about the momentous WWII landings and battles at Normandy … from the Nazis’ point of view. Planned for a September release, The Germans in Normandy sprang from an idea that Hargreaves had as a 19-year-old media studies student at Nottingham University, according to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph. “I set out to write something completely different about the Germans in the Second World War but I realised seven or eight years into the research that … no publisher would touch it,” he told the Telegraph. To collect data, he traveled all over Europe and the US and taught himself German. The Normandy invasion, aka Operation Overlord, was the largest seaborne invasion in history, involving almost three million Allied troops crossing the English Channel to German-occupied France: “Films and books have taken various Allied accounts of the invasion but little has been documented from the German point of view,” the Telegraph notes, quoting Hargreaves: “One of the things that always frustrates me is that most books on Normandy feature the British, American and Canadian sides…. The book puts a human face on the people who were fighting across there. In the films they are almost always portrayed as faceless Nazis plodding around. Most of the Germans who fought at Normandy weren’t Nazis. Of course there were some but most were just doing their bit for their country.” Well, yeah, but….

3 Responses to “British Historian Spends Personal Fortune Retelling Normandy Invasions From Nazi Army’s Point of View

  1. Neil Says:

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    ..recommended titles from Ysec Editions in France include;
    ‘Falaise’, ’45 Tigers in Normandy’ ‘From Argentan to the Seine..’ written by Didier Lodieu, the specialist of the Normandy fighting

  2. Monique French Says:

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    That is a whole lot of money to be spending on a book’s research before even selling it. I hope that he will make his money back, that’s the least I think.

    Talking about dedication.

  3. Reise Laender Says:

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    Maybe money or profit is not his main concern, but giving quality educational material for children, and maybe he wants people to be aware of Nazi’s point of view. And even if he won’t profit much from it,at least he didn’t waste his time because he got to travel and experience different cultures from different places.

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