I Nearly Died in 7/7 Subway Bombing, But I’m Not Innocent, Writes Prof Who Sobbed Over Pix of Suicide Bombers

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 8:34 am, Friday, June 30, 2006

If he had been blown to bits last July 7 — as desired by young Mohammad Sidique Khan, who stood three feet away from him and set off a bomb in a London subway car — then sociology professor John Tulloch wouldn’t have been able to write a book about his experiences on that fateful day, and about how he does not consider himself an “innocent victim.” In One Day in July, due out this month from Little, Brown in time for the one-year anniversary of the bombings, Tulloch describes his injuries — the head wounds, the shredded face, the shattered eardrum, the shrapnel still lodged behind his ear. Noting that he feels no anger for his would-be killer but rage for the foreign policies of Tony Blair, Tulloch declares: “I’m not on one side or the other,” according to Australia’s The Age. As reported in the Guardian, Tulloch gazed at photographs of the terrorists, thinking of them on a first-name basis, and wept in sympathy to see “one of the suicide bombers, Germaine [Lindsay], with his wife and babies. Here was this loving woman with her children. It brought tears to my eyes.” He adds, “I don’t approve of their actions.” Well, well! Harsh words! He ends the book with a letter to his would-be killer, who can’t read it, being dead. In the letter, Tulloch declares: “I don’t accept the label of innocent victim that the media want to give me. My British and Australian governments have taken that innocence away.” In The Age, Tulloch misuses the imperfect-past tense as he comments: “If I lost somebody very close to me, I don’t know if I could have written the book at all.” Dude, you almost lost somebody very close to you.

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  1. The Nordish Portal » Blog Archive » 7/7 victim: ‘I’m not innocent’ Says:

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    [...] The Dibs blog relates the astonishing story of sociology professor John Tulloch — a victim of the 7 July 2005 Muslim bombings of the London Underground. Prof Tulloch wrote a letter to his would-be killer (who being dead now can’t read it), claiming that he was not an innocent victim. Instead of blaming the evil suicide bombers, he blames Blair and Bush. [...]

  2. Chopper Says:

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    Another self-apologetic offering from those who refuse to see real evil when its there. If everybody in Britain thought like that professor 66 years ago, we would have been overwhelmed by the Waffen SS and swastikas would still be billowing from town halls up and down the country, and his type would have mawkishly claimed “If we hadn’t declared war on Germany, we wouldn’t be suffering the Blitz”. This is nothing to do with Bush and Blair. This is everything to do with the hateful texts of the Koran, Sira and hadith which command Muslims to murder infidels without pity in the name of Allah. And they do so – from tourists in Bali and Luxor to commuters in London and Madrid, office workers and airline passengers in the US, schoolchildren in Beslan and Buddhist monks in Thailand, Jews in Israel, Hindus in Kashmir, Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia, not to mention machine-gunning Christian worshippers in churches in Pakistan (and for the benefit of those who want to use the “racist” slur against those who dare criticise Islam, weren’t those aforementioned Christian worshippers and Buddhist monks ‘vulnerable brown people’?) As 25-year-old Sir Winston Churchill, our then future saviour, famously wrote in The River War 107 years ago “The religion of Islam above all others was founded upon the sword… Moreover it provides incentives to slaughter, and in three continents has produced fighting breeds of men – filled with a wild and merciless fanaticism.” This is still as true today as it was in 1899. To Muslims, every infidel is an enemy who has to be converted to Islam, or else destroyed. This is why our ancestors fought to keep Western Europe free. How else could you have got people as disparate as German Landsknechts, Swiss and Bohemian pikemen, Spanish and Portuguese swordsmen and Genoese crossbowmen to unite with Austrians to fight the Jihadis at Vienna in 1529? They knew what was at stake, as did Jan Sobieski 154 years later in the same place. But today, we suffer atrocities like Bali, Beslan, 911, Madrid, London etc, and our response is to blame ourselves, turn the other cheek, and undermine those who have the effrontery to dare to take the fight to those who would butcher us without mercy, and as we all know, turning the other cheek is a sign of weakness which only encourages further attacks upon us.

  3. John O’Connor Says:

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    As a Londoner I totally endorse what Chopper said in his excellent post. To say the motivation for 7/7 or similar attacks around the world is the policies of Bush/Blair is head-shakingly ignorant. Algerian Jihadists came close to blowing up an elevated motorway in West London even before 9/11, never mind Iraq or Afghanistan! The unending violence and terror attacks from muslims around the world are mandated by the Koran and Islamic law texts such as the Hadith. Anyone who doubts that has only to make a search for an online Koran (as hosted at UCLA) and read it for him/herself or go to http://www.prophetofdoom.net where relevent quotes from the Koran are arranged by topic. As for John Tulloch, I feel sorry for him. His ‘head wounds’ appear to have been more serious than disgnosed. One can but hope he will one day regain his critical faculties. (But then he is a sociology professor…)

  4. Gary Henderson Says:

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    “And KILL them where ever you find them…” Quran 2:191


    Know the real picture of Islam …

    finally Exposed !!!!

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