Osama’s Sex Slave, or Topless Opportunist? You Choose

Posted by Anneli Rufus at 7:18 am, Monday, June 26, 2006

She’s Osama bin Laden’s ex-sex slave, she’s topless and reading a Bible in one of the photographs that appears on her own web site, and she wishes people would stop calling her a Republican. Sudanese hottie Kola Boof, author of such books as Diary of a Lost Girl, Flesh and the Devil and Long Train to the Redeeming Sin, is now writing scripts for the American soap opera Days of Our Lives, according to Desifans.com, which notes that the network is trying to keep this information low-profile. Boof claims that in 1996, while she was a pursuing an acting career, bin Laden spotted her with a date in a Moroccan restaurant, lured her date away, then raped her and imprisoned her in a hotel room for four months. (she has also said, somewhat contradictorily: “I accompanied him and his men on hunting expeditions and fishing trips. I got to know a lot of his friends, such as his doctor Ayman al-Zawahiri.”) She also claims that in 1998 bin Laden threatened to kill her after reading some poems she had written that criticized Islam. A fatwa was declared against her by Sudanese diplomat Gamal Ibrahaim in London, who sentenced her to beheading. But she’s in hiding. Except for the topless stuff. Boof’s writings spotlight the ill-treatment of women in Arab culture, and on the page showing her Bible snap she explains: “I am topless to honor my mothers and grandmothers, my own African womenfolk who were always bare breasted in the sun…. They were not dirty and soiled by man’s greed and violence. They were naked because it pleases God.” Her publishing contracts specify that she must be depicted topless on the back covers of her books, asserts Boof, who told listeners to an Israeli radio program: “The media portrays me as an extremist and a supporter of Bush and the Conservative Republicans, which is an unmitigated lie. I am as liberal and as Democratic as any American black.” (Also from the web site: “Her former dress designer, Dooby Doo, stated: ‘Her breasts are real, natural, 100% God-given and most definitely spectacular, so she wants to show them off, the little bitch.’ Hmm, her former dress designer? Any relation to Scooby Doo?) Boof told an interviewer for Blacknews.com: “Osama is a gifted poet.” So … was he doing the quatrains and scansion thing while beating and raping her? Or was it haiku? “He was tyrannical towards his men and embarrassed about sex … but addicted to it.” Bin Laden biographer Peter Bergen has apparently called Boof delusional. An angry Boof tells Blacknews: “Peter Bergen doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, but I’m sure that the media would take the word of a white man who’s never met Osama against the word of a black woman who used to share his bed.”

5 Responses to “Osama’s Sex Slave, or Topless Opportunist? You Choose

  1. Patty Cravitz Says:

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    I’m surprised we don’t interrogate her for information. As a former lover or slave of Osama, she might have insight as to where Osama is.

  2. pay cash advance Says:

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    This women cannot be trusted. If she if she is trying to get famous or sympathy she is going about it all wrong.

  3. Jeffrey G. Says:

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    Ok I went and seen her website and she does have a nice rack – but it seems to me that she is all about ATTENTION – there is a name for women like that…

  4. credito Says:

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    This might just be a publicity stint on her part! It is all about seeking attention in the best possible way..using the most notorious name.

  5. Sheridan Berry Says:

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    I don’t think that the womain is credible enough to belive her claims. She must present solid evidence especially that the president is the subject of her claims.

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