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Royal Author Chats With Heavenly Creatures

Published on July 30, 2007

Norway’s 35-year-old Princess Martha Louise, author of the 2006 English-language children’s book Why Kings and Queens Don’t Wear Crowns, “has shocked the nation by announcing she is a clairvoyant and wants to teach people how to communicate with angels,” according to the Times Online. Having opened the Astarte Centre for alternative therapy this month, the [...]

Precious Ramotswe to Hit Big Screen; Botswanans Seethe

Published on July 12, 2007

Set in Botswana, Alexander McCall Smith’s series of bestselling novels featuring private eye Precious Ramotswe have virtually put that southern African country on the map. Millions of Westerners had probably had never heard of Botswana before reading these not-quite-mysteries in which Ramotswe and her bespectacled assistant and obliging mechanic-husband swap ludicrously polite musings about human [...]